Kim McCurlie

Power Pump

Kim was first a participant in the Power Pump class back in 2011.  She loved it so much that she wanted to help others become fit, so she became a CanFit Pro Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist in 2013 and in 2016, became Certified as a CanFit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist as well.  She loves to teach and share her knowledge of fitness.   Growing up, Kim was active in various sports and activities, such as gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, baseball and was involved in various track and field sports.  In recent years, she’s taken adult jazz and tap classes, as well as becoming an avid runner in 2014, completing numerous 5 & 10K races, as well as 4 half marathons. 


With over 5 years in the Fitness Industry, Kim enjoys teaching strength training, Boot Camp style and Circuit training classes.   She looks forward to meeting you and sharing her love of fitness!