Julia Pacheco

Jazz, Contemporary Instructor

Julia Pacheco has completed five years at York University, majoring in Dance and Kinesiology. She graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012, Bachelor of Education in 2013, and is an OCT certified teacher. She started dancing at the age of four and was introduced to many genres of dance during her dance career.

Julia has been working with children from a young age and continues to strive to be a part of their future. With the proper training and information learned, she believes she can instill these principles to younger dancers who share the same passion as she does.

Julia was a part of Team Canada, which traveled to Riesa, Germany and competed in the World Championships. She has trained and worked with the Canadian Dance Company since the age of 14.

Julia hopes to continue in teaching dance technique and dance sciences for the school board, as well as, been apart of the amazing team at CDC. She looks forward to educating young children in dance and helping them explore their own creativity.