Kim Falconi

Acro Instructor

Kim is an accomplished award winning teacher and choreographer.  She has shared her love and knowledge of dance with students across North America, through workshops and adjudicating.  She has passed on her knowledge of acrobatics by giving her input into various acrobatic workshops and master syllabuses and is currently working on the faculty of Northern Movement.


Kim is proud to be a former Miss Dance of Canada as well as a member of the singing, dancing group “She Said” based in Cleveland Ohio.  Her choreography has won many awards and has been recognized nationally.  She is fortunate to be working with World Performers Canada this year as a choreographer for Team Canada.


Kim is a certified DMA teacher in the acro, jazz and tap syllabuses.  She has been given the opportunity to adjudicate for many well-known organizations across Canada and the United States.  Kim’s love of teaching has allowed many of her students to go onto professional careers across the world.  She has students performing now on Broadway, television and as well as world-wide Ballet Companies.


It is with great pleasure that Kim is sharing her love of dance and knowledge with younger students.