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Hip-Hop Crew Competitive Program

Hip-Hop Crew Competitive Program

Designed for dancers who are interested in Hip Hop and are looking for a competitive program with a minimum commitment level. This program is perfect for dancers who love watching music videos, Tik Tok’s and performing on stage in a group setting.

Hip Hop Crew: competes in Hip Hop only and takes one additional recreational class of the dancers choice. They attend 2 regional competitons per year where they compete one Hip Hop routine. These dancers dance between 1-2 days per week depending on when they schedule they take their additional second class. These dancers also perform in our year end recital at the Living Arts Center in June.


Step 1: Please fill out the Competitive Application Form below.
Step 2: Once you submit the form, you will be sent to the payment page.

More information can be found in our FAQ below, or download our competitive brochure.

Competitive Application Form

(Audition Fee is $25. Applicants are limited to 1 audition slot per child.)