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Competitive Dance

Competitive Dance Program

Our Competitive program offers a diverse selection of tiers for all those interested in taking their dance training to the competitive stage. We offer a pre-professional competitive program which is our most involved program, then we offer a tailored down full-time and part-time training programs as well as a program for dancers just interested in Hip Hop. 


Step 1: Fill out the Competitive Application Form below.
Step 2: Once you submit the form, you will be sent to the payment page.

More information can be found in our FAQ below, or download our competitive brochure.

Competitive Application Form

(Audition Fee is $25. Applicants are limited to 1 audition slot per child.)



How old does my child have to be to join?

Our youngest competitive dancers turn 5 prior to December 31st of the dance season, which runs the same as the school year!

What qualifications are necessary to join the competitive programs?

A minimum of 1 year dance training is required to audition for a competitive program. Please email send us a note at oakville@canadiandancecompany.com to recommend a pre-competitive training regiment!

What is the cost of the competitive programs?

Primary (Ages 5-8) ranges from $240+HST - $350+HST monthly depending on age and hours per week.

  • Hip Hop Crew (Ages 7-18): $200+HST monthly
  • Part Time (Ages 6-18): $340+HST monthly
  • Full Time (Ages 8-18) ranges from $362+HST - $383+HST monthly depending on age and hours per week.
  • Pre Pro (Ages 8-18) ranges from $365+HST - $435+HST monthly depending on age and hours per week.

All prices are subject to change and are examples from the 2024 season. Additional costs for the competitive program will include competition entry fees, costumes, and travel expenses. Each level can vary a great deal and depends heavily on whether solos, duets, trios etc. are offered to your dancer!

What are the steps to apply?

To sign up for an audition please complete the form and select your audition date.

What is the format of the audition?

The audition will be a jazz class beginning with center warm up (conditioning and stretch), across the floor (kicks, turns and jumps) and finish with a short combination. Dancers may be asked to improv as well as show acro skills if trained in acro.