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Indian Folk Dance

Recreational – Indian Folk Dance

Dance trip through India.

In this glorious dance journey that we will be taking together, we will explore folk dance forms from different parts of India including Bhangra, Lavni, Garba, Kaalbeliya and more. So get ready to immerse yourself in Indian culture with energetic and graceful dance pieces!

Bollywood Old and New

If Bollywood is known for anything, it is its captivating and colourful dance sequences and this is your chance to learn some Bollywood magic for yourself. We will be focusing on high energy and expressive dance choreographies celebrating the old and new eras of Bollywood with some of the best dance numbers!

Classes are $75 + HST per month. 1 night per week. Costumes for end of year recital performance are $120+HST billed in 2 payments. The first deposit is on January 27th ($75).